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First Aid At Work (Level 3): This is one the most popular course offered by Pro-Medical 2002. This is a Three Day intensive course with two written tests and hands-on practical sessions (such as CPR and Bleeding Management) to give students hands-on experience. This is the traditional qualified first aider course.

Emergency First Aid At Work (Level 3): This is a shorter First Aid course usually offered over a 1-2 day period and sometimes offered as 1-2 hour a week night schools, it has the same practical sessions as the 3 days but only has one test and is slightly cheaper. This course offers the traditional certified First aider qualification and can be upgraded to the level 3 FAW. 

FREC (First Response Emergency Care): This is more hands on course which allows students to begin pursuing careers in the medical industry. This course elaborates upon the standard First Aid course but it is highly intensive with many practicals and of course the usual anecdotes as you would expect from Pro-Medical. The FREC qualification framework leads to recognized NHS posts such as that as Emergency care assistant (FREC 4), Ambulance technician (FREC 5) and HCPC registered Paramedic (FREC 6)! SEE MORE ON OUR SEPARATE FREC TRANING PAGE!

AED training: This short one day course comprises of the safe use and storage of an AED and combines this practice with Basic life support principles of CPR and resuscitation.

Medical gasses: This course comprises of the use of emergency oxygen therapy and Entonox (Nitrous Oxide) or gas and air as it is better known.

Fire Marshalling Training: This half-day course gives students a basic understanding of Fire management and evacuation procedures.

Fire Extinguisher Training: This half day course gives students a basic understanding of the functions of the each extinguisher and how to use them in the event of a fire. 

Food Management: This course gives students an understanding of safe kitchen practices. 

Courses Offered